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Welcome to PsychArizona!


PsychArizona provides Counseling, Consultation and Psychological Services for Individuals, Couples, and Businesses.

We strive to provide you with the highest quality services in a private and comfortable environment while offering scheduling flexibility with evening and weekend hours. Our goal is to provide the help and support needed to strengthen and heal relationships, accomplish your individual life goals, or acquire the skills necessary to address any emotional health concerns.

Dr. Causey specializes in improving personal and business relationships, crisis and traumatic events intervention and leadership development within organizations. She is a licensed psychologist whose passion is to see people grow and thrive and live content, meaningful lives. This may include making changes in thoughts, behaviors, lifestyle or relationship patterns. She is here to equip you with the tools necessary to identify what changes need to be made and make those changes for a more productive and enjoyable life.

Dr. Causey has volunteered with the Red Cross, responding to mental health needs of people in the midst of disasters and traumatic events. Immediately after 9/11, she provided crisis intervention and counseling to first responders and people who had survived being in the towers on that day.

Dr. Tammy Martin-Causey
"A passion of mine is to work with couples as they move from fractured and fragile relationships to one that is trusting, caring and intimate."

"Strong relationships are the key to successful companies as well as being key to a fulfilling personal life. I enjoy seeing an organization become more successful by implementing strategies that improve work relationships and people structures!"