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Good relationships don’t just happen and they aren’t sustained over time by that first love feeling that you have when the relationship is new. For most couples, the pressures of finances, work, parenting, disagreements, and sex tend to wear on the relationship over time to the point that a couple can feel very disconnected and not "in love". Counseling helps to restore that connection and teaches you how to create and maintain that closeness when life gets tough. It is also important to learn how to more effectively communicate, how to disagree in a way without harming the relationship and closeness, and how to solve life’s problems together.

Sometimes in a relationship, the problems are more severe and need immediate attention, such as when there has been an affair or major breach of trust. In those situations, we try to schedule you immediately so that you can learn how to get thru the initial crisis and emotions. When a couple chooses to stay together, it is important to talk thru what has happened and address key issues before too much time has passed. There are things a couple has to actively do in order to restore trust and intimacy.

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