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Your Information is Secure:
Your intake forms and contact information are all maintained online, and only you have access to your password.

Your Doctor/Patient Communication is Private and Secure:
As a patient, anytime you need to communicate directly with Dr. Causey about clinical issues, use our secure online system. By avoiding email and text messaging, none of the information you share with Dr. Causey will be seen by anyone else. For couples, we maintain that same privacy by requiring each person to have their own separate log in information.

We Schedule for Your Convenience:
Not everyone’s life allows them to schedule appointments between 9am and 5pm, Monday-Friday. Your schedule can be accommodated, with many of our appointments happening in the early evening or on the weekend.

Session Length is Customized to Maximize Your Benefit:
Do you remember when 1 hour was actually 1 hour? It still is. While you may settle into short session lengths, Dr. Causey doesn’t force you into a cookie-cutter approach to therapy. Many patients prefer 90 minute sessions to handle particularly difficult times. Couples may find that longer sessions on a Saturday increases the likelihood of dealing with the real issues without being distracted by the workweek grind. Therefore, length of sessions are determined in 15 minute increments.

Dr. Causey encourages you to find the best Psychologist to help you with your particular needs. If you are unsure if Dr. Causey is the best fit for you, one of the best ways to know is to schedule a FREE Initial Consult. Call the office at 480-488-8221 today.