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Infidelity in Your Relationship

Even when your relationship is violated, you can save your marriage.

When infidelity or an affair enters a relationship, words cannot adequately describe the pain that can occur. Partners may feel angry, powerless, depressed, disoriented, isolated, betrayed, overwhelmed, and consumed with anxiety wondering where to turn next. They may wonder if all hope is lost, if they will ever trust again, or if they are simply going crazy. The partner may feel similar emotions while sorting thru the guilt, the impact of it’s effects, and what to do next. While sorting through the myriad of mixed emotions, this can be a huge turning point in the relationship.

After an affair is revealed, there are steps that can be taken on your healing journey to provide sincere, long-lasting change. Many times, there are deeper issues at the core of the relationship that need attention. PsychArizona specializes in working with couples to help untangle some of these issues, work through necessary decisions, and recover from the devastating affects. Despite the tremendous pain and sorrow, most couples do make it through, and many even find their relationship improved and stronger than before. Don’t give up hope yet.

We understand that if an affair has recently been discovered or revealed, you need immediate help in dealing with the initial crisis and myriad of emotions. We make every effort to schedule your initial appointment immediately so that you have a plan for moving forward. Please call 480-488-8221 to schedule your appointment.