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Anxiety/Nervousness >> Healthy Worry

Feelings of anxiety can often interfere with one’s ability to accomplish daily activities. If the anxiety grows, it can lead to avoiding situations or people. Sometimes the anxiety can be in the form of a phobia, or a fear of a specific thing. Sometimes the anxiety can be more general where you feel the anxiety in your body during most situations. Sometimes there may be feelings of panic so severe that you might feel like you’re having a heart attack. Sometimes anxiety can take the form of worry in which thoughts flood your mind and keep you from enjoying today. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a pattern of thoughts and behaviors that is also anxiety-based.

There are many ways to intervene with anxiety depending on the way the anxiety is affecting you. A specific phobia may involve developing the tools necessary to face the feared thing in a gradual, slow-paced way. Although specific skills are needed to help manage generalized anxiety, intervention will also focus on finding out what leads to the anxiety and discovering if any life changes are needed. Sometimes it’s important to “listen” to the anxiety because it is our body’s way of telling us that life is not in balance or that the way we think about our problems may not be helpful. Psychological intervention for OCD is a very directive, active process involving cognitive-behavioral techniques. It requires a high level of commitment to practice during the week what is learned during sessions.

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