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Depression/Grief >> Healthy Sadness

Depression seems to be a growing and prevailing concern in our society today. Feelings of depression and sadness can range from so severe that one is not able to get out of bed and do daily activities to a mild level of a persistent feeling of sadness and discontent. Our society also has a current focus on being persistently happy as the “norm” for the good life. This can make it more confusing to figure out whether your feelings are from depression, normal grieving from a loss, or a necessary discontent that will propel you to make positive changes in the direction of your life.

Interventions at PsychArizona will vary depending on the severity of symptoms and the situation surrounding the depression. We will start with a thorough assessment to determine a diagnosis and severity of symptoms. We will discuss with you a referral for medication evaluation if indicated. Many people have strong feelings about whether or not to take medication and we understand your need to explore those feelings and determine the right combination of medication plus therapeutic intervention or therapeutic intervention only. For more severe symptoms of depression, we will take a very active approach to help you manage the distress and get back into your daily activities. For milder symptoms, intervention will include developing an awareness of possible situations that might be contributing to feelings of sadness, making changes in thoughts and behavior, and increasing physical exercise or movement. Sometimes discontent is necessary to cause us to make wanted or positive changes in our lives. We will help you make the distinction between normal sadness and grieving and depression.

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