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Learn how to make your relationship flourish

Enhancing “Okay” Relationships through Marriage Counseling

Sometimes relationships are not in danger of ending but can get in such a regular routine that the passion and closeness slowly slips away. Many couples ignore these early warning signs and wait too late to correct these patterns. Many years later a couple may look at each other and notice how far they’ve drifted from one another. At PsychArizona, we will help you stop this pattern, recreate and renew your relationship. It is important to have relationship goals just as one has career and financial goals. You will learn the skills necessary to nurture and grow your relationship over the years. Whether you call it therapy or counseling, the bottom line is you want to recreate and renew your relationship.

Now Offering Couples Boot Camp

We are now offering a 4-hour “Boot Camp” for relationships. It isn’t for everyone or for every type of problem, but for some couples, it is the best way to go. It gives enough time to fully discuss issues, learn new ways of doing things, and have a strategy of what you are going to do as a couple in the weeks ahead. But it doesn’t end there. Being a couple isn’t all about solving problems. It is also about having fun, being more intimate, and trusting that other person as your best friend. In a couple’s boot camp, a therapy goal is also for you to leave knowing how to have more fun and excitement with each other!