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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Trauma (PTSD) >> Healthy Coping

If you have experienced traumatic events in your life either early in childhood or as an adult, you may sometimes experience memories or disturbing emotions in everyday life. You may also experience intense emotion or fear in a current situation that you know in your mind should not make you feel quite so bad. These experiences can prevent you from enjoying relationships, work and quality of life. They can also lead to one to avoid certain places or people that remind you of those experiences. If you have experienced trauma and believe it interferes with your ability to enjoy your life and relationships, there are things that can be done to help you move forward.

We take a very active approach to help you reduce the distress. You will develop an awareness of the trauma you experienced and how it affects your everyday life. This will be done at your own pace. You control how much you talk about traumatic events. We will work with you to develop body awareness, relaxation techniques, and stress reduction skills for those times when you may start to experience discomfort related to the trauma. You will also learn behavioral and cognitive skills to help you manage the memories, situations and relationships. Another area of focus is current relationships. Having discomfort from trauma affects how you interact with people in your life and they might not understand your range of emotions and actions. Healing from trauma also includes doing things that increase the level of trust and intimacy in your most important relationships.

We also provide specific services for combat-related trauma.

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