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You may not be experiencing major mental health difficulties, but are noticing the signs of stress on your body and in your relationships. Being in stressful situations for prolonged periods of time starts to take its toll. Elevated stress hormones in the body can weaken your immune system and make you more likely to get sick. During stress, one may not sleep as well, may eat more or less, and may take up bad health habits such as increased drinking or smoking as a way of “relaxing”.

We can help you learn specific techniques to better identify signs of stress, reduce the symptoms, and find better ways of coping. Often, we get so busy that we do not notice the early signs of stress in our bodies. If we can identify them early on, we can do things to prevent a more serious stress response. There are techniques you can practice that will help you reduce the wear and tear of stress. Part of stress prevention is to have a wide range of ways you cope with different situations.

At PsychArizona, we will listen carefully to what you have to say about your situation. We will assess and determine if outside referrals are needed to help with any conditions that might be present as a result of prolonged stress. We will help you determine what might be causing or contributing to your stress and then look at ways to change those situations. Some stressful situations can be changed and some cannot so not only will we work on accomplishing change, we will also focus on skills that will help you better cope with difficult situations. You will learn strategies to maneuver through stress while still keeping your “balance” and calm attitude.

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