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Stress and Mood Management

Stress Management and Counseling
Life is full of stressful events. Sometimes it’s a positive motivator to get things done. However, if stressful events last too long or if we have many at one time, our bodies can stay in a constant “fight or flight” state and it starts to affect our immune system and general health. We may not be able to control stressful events, but with counseling we can improve how we respond to those events. It’s time to learn new ways to respond to stress that will create a more relaxed, healthy mind and body.

Mood Management and Counseling
Our moods and emotions are important for our general well-being and satisfaction in life. But if they become too intense or fluctuate too much, it can create problems with our ability to accomplish our goals and enjoy life in the moment. Anxiety, panic, depression, bipolar, OCD are all examples of mood disorders that can be helped with counseling and therapy. With counseling, you can better understand how stress is related to these mood problems and learn better ways of coping and managing emotions.