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Had an Affair? - Help for Relationships in Crisis

It's not too late, don't give up

Sometimes relationships experience crises such as betrayal, loss of trust, separation or traumatic events and require immediate attention. In such circumstances, we will try to schedule an appointment quickly so that we can help “stabilize” the situation and develop a plan of action for the next several days. We will focus on managing the intense emotions and getting back to day to day functioning. Once that is accomplished, we will examine the relationship and set goals that will improve trust, intimacy, commitment and communication. Many couples going through this crisis immediately jump to the “D” word, and talk about divorce counseling. Your long-term relationship goals may or may not change due to infidelity in the relationship. Divorce isn’t the only answer. Give yourself time to let your relationship and yourself stabilize before making too many decisions.

Now Offering Couples Boot Camp

We have created a 4-hour “Boot Camp” for relationships. It isn’t for everyone or for every type of situation, but for some couples, it is the best way to go. It gives enough time to fully discuss issues, learn new ways of doing things, and have a strategy of what you are going to do as a couple in the weeks ahead. Being a couple isn’t all about solving problems. It is also about having fun, being more intimate, and trusting that other person as your best friend. In a couple’s boot camp, a goal is also for you to leave knowing how to have more fun and excitement with each other! However, some types of crises need time to heal and a 4 hour time together may not be the best option. We can discuss over the phone to determine what would meet your specific needs before making a decision.

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