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Dr. Tammy Causey

Dr. Tamara Martin Causey is a licensed psychologist and certified coach whose passion is to help people thrive in their relationships, achieve success with personal goals and live content, meaningful lives.

The process may include developing insight into how the past is affecting the present, how to accept things that cannot be changed or how to make changes in thoughts, behaviors or relationship patterns that will give you the quality of life you want.

These services are provided in a private, comfortable environment that accommodates your schedule. Evening and weekend hours are offered at two office locations.

Areas of special interest and expertise include:


"Good relationships don’t just happen. They require nurturing and a knowledge of how to increase closeness and connection during times of stress. Whether your relationship just needs a tune-up or is on the brink of divorce due to a crisis such as an affair, there are ways to get it back to a loving, supportive relationship. A passion of mine is to work with couples as they move from fractured and fragile relationships to one that is trusting, caring and intimate. While your situation may seem hopeless and loveless, I have seen many, many couples take those situations and make them into relationships filled with love and hope."

Mind-Body Medicine

"It is intriguing to me that in the recent past, Western medicine solidified the idea that the mind and body were two distinct entities that functioned independently of each other. Currently, we know that the brain, the mind and the rest of the body actually operate as one: the mind/emotions/behavior affects physical health and physical health affects the mind/emotions/behavior. This shift in mindset and the growth of the fields of functional and integrate medicine have allowed us to view the body very differently and I love watching people thrive in life after applying the mind-body techniques most helpful to their specific situation. I am especially interested in helping people achieve pain reduction thru non-opioid pain management and to learn how to live a stress-free life in the midst of stressors."
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